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Equipment financing advantages for today’s vendor

Your customers need the financial flexibility to seize business opportunities. With financing, you give them access to the latest equipment and software without tying up their hard-earned capital. You offer your customer an attractive value proposition that will ultimately strengthen your relationship. Once you help your customer acquire the equipment they need, you also benefit by locking in your customer for repeat business, ousting the competition and enhancing your cash flow.



is invested in the US for new commercial equipment and software.


of investment in equipment and software is financed.


of businesses use one form of financing to acquire equipment.

Advantages for you

Close Sales Easier

Leasing is an attractive financing solution. Our financing process is efficient, flexible and transparent. Offering monthly payment options can enable your customers to purchase the equipment they need in a timely manner.

Customer Retention

Financing preserves margins and locks customers in for repeat business. Companies that offer financing are at a distinct advantage in a competitive situation.

Improve Sales and Margin

Offering a financing option early in the sales process lets you break down costs into periodic payments, thus making the initial investment less daunting. This reduces margin pressure and there is less focus on  the price of the equipment.

Strategic Alliance

Neumann Finance can get involved in  your sales process and interface directly with your customer and convert their questions into sales.

Neumann Support

Focus on your business. Once you’ve identified a customer with financing needs, contact us and we’ll manage the process for you.

Enjoy Your Success

You will successfully grow your customer base and your business with the right financing partner. And, you will help your customers succeed and thrive.

Advantages for your customer

Conserve Capital

Your customer can use their capital for other business needs.

Fixed Payments

By locking in a fixed payment your customers avoid interest rate hikes in the future.

Longer Terms

We offer financing terms up to 72 months.

Keep Up With Technology

Add-ons and upgrades can ensure your customer has access to the latest and most advanced technology.

Purchase Options

Purchase options give your customer the opportunity to own the equipment.

100% Financing

“Soft” costs such as service, software and training can be included in the monthly payment.

IRS Section 179 Tax Deduction

Get an estimated tax write-off amount for qualifying

business equipment that is financed or purchased in 2018.

Calculate your Section 179 Tax Deduction for 2018

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